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Spanish Language Schools in Argentina

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GICArg - Cultural Exchange Group of Argentina
Language Immersion and Study Abroad University Programs in Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

COINED Argentina
Spanish Courses in Argentina and Chile, Internship Placements, High School Exchange, Spanish Schools
Capital Federal, Argentina

Good Ayres Spanish
Language education consultancy specialized in the organization and coordination of study trips to Argentina.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Español al Sur
Institute of Spanish Language and Culture
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish in Buenos Aires
Our own method and materials, 12 years experience, university graduate professors, good location, No enrolment fee is required for private classes.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Centre - Learn Spanish in Argentina
Spanish immersion programs,courses of business, and tailored to specific needs for all ages and levels.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish Immersion in Buenos Aires. Individual & group classes. Latin American Studies. Accommodations. Cultural Activities. Tango . Affordable rates.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish Time
Spanish immersion program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Individual spanish classes and homestay at your teacher's house.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina I.L.E.E. Patagonia
Spanish schools in Bariloche and Ushuaia.Year-round
Buenos Aires,Bariloche,Ushuaia ,Cordoba, Argentina

Argentina Ibero Spanish
The best location, free Tango lessons, friendly atmosphere, highly experienced teachers.
Capital Federal., Argentina

Argentina I.L.E.E. Cordoba
Spanish schools
Cordoba, Argentina

Britannia Escuela de Español
Learn Spanish and discover Patagonia
Bariloche, Argentina

Courses are offered throughout the year and are distinguished by their variety and flexibility as regards dates, duration and intensity.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Entorno Lingüístico
Spanish School offering cost-effective programms, with ample timetables and levels.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish Schools
programs year-round.All teachers hold Masters degrees
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Go On Spanish Institute
Spanish Language Immersion + Argentinian Culture, The best choice to learn spanish Fast and Easily, specially designed for foreign students
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ibero Spanish School
Spanish in Buenos Aires,Argentina. Free Tango Lessons,City Tours,Learn Tango Free
Capital Federal, Argentina

Intercultural Patagonia S.A.
Our services seek academic excellence as well as the security and best comfort for the students during their permanence with us. And to guarantee that
San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Aisicom - Argentina Spanish Schools - Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Bariloche
AISICOM offers high-quality SPANISH COURSES for all levels and needs since 1967. Our students also take part in varied extracurricular activities.
Cordoba, Argentina

AIE Spanish Schools
The highest quality in Intensive Spanish courses: Buenos Aires, Patagonia and Cordoba.
Buenos Aires - Bariloche - Cordoba, Argentina

Lucem Institute
We offer a wide variety of Spanish courses for students, businesspeople and professionals. We provide accommodation and organize cultural activities.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Via hispana - Vibrant Immersion in Argentina
Spanish Language School and Latin Studies in Buenos Aires & Argentina. The VIA to enjoy our culture: certificates, tours, art, cooking, fun and more.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

ABC Spanish School
ABC Spanish School offers intensive Spanish language courses for Travelers, international students and professionals in groups of maximum 3 students
Bariloche, Argentina

All the programs have got a modern, dynamic teaching system so the student is encourage to learn how to communicate in Spanish since the first classes
Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Montaña
Patagonia - Bariloche. We offer small group classes and private classes at all levels, the whole year around.
Bariloche - Patagonia, Argentina

FINISTERRAE, the first Spanish School at the End of the World
Feel and live the incredible landscapes of the Land at the End of the World while you learn the language. Intensive or tailored courses
Ushuaia, Argentina

Winton International
Spanish Programs and educational trips to Argentina and Canada
Bella Vista, Argentina

IBL International Bureau of Language
Spanish school in Argentina.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

DWS Spanish Training
Located in one of the best neighbourhoods of the city of Buenos Aires, the School provides foreign students with everything they need: a relaxed envir
Capital Federal, Argentina

FASTA Patagonia University
FASTA University is the only university institution in Patagonia argentina that offers intensive Spanish courses throughout the year. EPatagonia progr
Bariloche, Argentina

Asociacion Argentina de Docentes de Espanol
Non profit organization located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Spanish courses for foreigners.Immersion Programs. Courses for teachers. Library
Buenos Aires, Argentina

America Idiomas
America Idiomas- Spanish language centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina Estudio Buenos Aires
Argentina Estudio Buenos Aires is the leading Spanish school in Buenos Aires. Groups and invidual classes at all levels. Homestays.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

A.I.E. - Argentina Idioma Español
The highest standard in intensive Spanish courses. 3 AIE locations: Buenos Aires, Patagonia and Cordoba.
Patagonia, Buenos Aires and Cordoba., Argentina

Hudson Language Institute
We have 44 years of experience training our bilingual teachers in deliverying excellence.
Bariloche, Argentina

Escuela de Español Antonio Martín
Baradero, Argentina

Oh Español
Our own method and materials, 12 years experience, university graduate professors, good location, No enrolment fee is required for private classes
Buenos Aires, Argentina

COINED Buenos Aires
Learn Spanish and experience authentic Argentina!
Buenos Aires, Argentina

International Bureau of Language
Spanish as a Second Language Intensive and Regular Courses in Buenos Aires Argentina Group and one-to-one lessons all levels international Examin
Capital Federal, Argentina

COINED International
Learn Spanish in Argentina & Chile
Buenos Aires, Argentina

COINED - Learn and experience authentic Argentina!
Cordoba, Argentina

Coventry House
Coventry House, is located in a side street making it a quiet and relaxing place to study.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Valeria Iglesias
Experienced private teacher in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina



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